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  1. Maiyannah Bishop ([email protected])'s status on Thursday, 09-Nov-2017 22:18:27 EST Maiyannah Bishop Maiyannah Bishop
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    @zatnosk @gargron @strypey @fla @mike @banjofox As far as federating messages outwardly, I need to tighten up version detection of instances but it basically looks at what software your instance is running if its not postActiv, and makes an assumption based on that (OStatus for StatusNet/GNU social/Pleroma/Mastodon, Diaspora for Diaspora, etc).  postActiv will have (when these changes are done and pushed to the repo) an option to set which federation module is the "native" one and the internal representations are set accordingly and there is an endpoint postActiv uses to identify this for external instances or clients.
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