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  1. Maiyannah Bishop ([email protected])'s status on Saturday, 22-Apr-2017 04:14:11 EDT Maiyannah Bishop Maiyannah Bishop
    • postActiv user group
    For those !postActiv admins out there: seems to be engaging in a lot of data mining and that kind of pulling from databases via the API.  If you wish to be proactive about protecting the privacy of your issues, you might want to block them or consider measures to limit their API access.  The latter is very technical with the current state of the codebase however (I will have to consider proper much less complicated means to do so)  If you wish to block them, you can get the current IPs from a DIG of their addresses.  As always, the decision to block, impose other sanctions, or do nothing, is on individual instance admins, but do be aware they're doing that kind of thing.  #
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